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ALL hypnosis downloads a re meant to be listened to with your eyes closed and with your body lying or sitting back relaxed.

Do not listen to hypnosis or meditation downloads while driving or
operating any type of machinery. Do not do anything else when you are
listening to your downloads.

Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, lie back, close your eyes and relax.

Focus on your breath and behind closed eyelids, roll your eyes up to
the top of your head- look towards the middle of your forehead gently;
expect something wonderful and magical to happen…

This is a courtesy Hypnosis Download for Regularly Scheduled Hypnotherapy Clients seeing Jennifer McVey.

This is a hypnosis download for current clients ONLY.
It focuses your mind, calms your body, soothes your emotional self and
tunes you into your Higher Self. It is specifically created for you to
understand the messages you are receiving and prepare you for your next
session. It is recorded ONLY for clients that have regularly scheduled
appointments or an existing client that has a session scheduled in the
very near future. Have your journal next to you when you listen to it.
Expect to channel. And bring your notes with you when you come in.

You may listen to this as often as you wish.

MP3 File