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Contact from the Other Side



They are always communicating with us; contacting us; letting us know that they are still ‘around’… that there is ‘life after death’. They are letting us know that they don’t just disappear into nothing.

Some of the basic keys are:

1. Recognizing the Signs

2. Believing the Messages

3. ‘Raise our Energy’ to be able to hear/see/feel them

Some of the basic ways are:

1. In our Thoughts

2. In our Dreams

3. Emotions/Emotional Energy

4. Vivid Memories

5. Conversations in our Mind

Some of the physical ways are:

1. Lights/Electricity

2. Music/Radio

3. TV/Movies

4. Computer/Phone

Have you ever asked for a sign?

Have you asked for a sign and got one… but doubted it? Stop doubting and start accepting. The more you ‘let it be real’ the more it will be. If someone wants to prove that they (Spirits, ghosts, discarnates) exist, they will. If someone wants to disprove it, they will.

It’s up to you.

Do you want to believe? Really believe? Are you ready? Is it comforting or is it scary? Are you still grieving? Begin to think about all of these things, sit with yourself and let your thoughts go.

Let it be thoughts of wonder and fascination. They are safe. You are safe.

Want to know more? It’s simple, start asking your Higher Self to bring you messages, books, teachers and guidance about what you need.
If a visual would make it easier, watch the movie Ghost Town. And laugh, smile and know that they are always sending messages to you and letting you know, there is Contact from the Other Side.

Ghost Town ~ Ricky Gervais, Greg Kinnear, Téa Leoni, and Jordan Carlos (DVD – Dec 27, 2008)




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