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Creating the Life you Want with Light

… In this introductory course you discover (for yourself) how powerful your Mind, Spirit and Light is. This seminar teaches you how to use your Spiritual Light to create everything in your life you want; you are taught a simple and powerful technique that you can use every day. Cultivate peace, harmony and abundance. In this one day seminar you will learn how to refine your goals, quiet your mind, calm your body and tune into your Spirit. Use this Light meditation to magnetize your goals to you, bring good things, people and situations into your life, enhance your intuition, improve your relationships and your surroundings, heal your body, increase your abundance in all areas of your life, maximize your skills and do the work you are made for.

What does using your Spiritual Light do for you?  It improves the quality of your life. It raises your standard of living. It deepens your connection to yourself, your Spirit and to God.

Learn at home… At your own pace… Buy your Creating the Life you Want with Light CDs/downloads, Journals and Workbooks Here