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Creative Visualization, Guided Meditation, & Hypnosis

Join me in the mystical voyage into the depths of your subconscious mind! We ease into the world of meditation thorough creative visualization, guided imagery, breathing, grounding and centering.

This class is great for breaking up your week and your regular busy routine!  You get to relax, network and enjoy time with a group of like minded people.

Everyone meditates differently. The only right way is your way. This class is designed to help you quiet your mind, heal your body, get guidance from your Higher Self and validate and share your experiences… Spend an hour and a half without any worries, stress or problems!

Some Class Examples:
Increase your Confidence
Have More Fun
Turn on your Money Magnet
Improve your Memory
Attract Love, Healing and Prosperity
You are Lucky
Increase your Intuition
Improve your Relationships
Divine Inspiration & Creativity
Raise your Energy on all Levels
Spring Cleaning
Planting your own Money Tree
Cultivate Inner Peace
Having a Healthy Body
Increase your Will Power
Meet your Spirit Guide
Stop Procrastinating!
Developing Talents
Let Life work for You
Preparing for Summer

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