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Do Animals Communicate?
Do Animals Really Talk?

All animals communicate. They think. They feel. They are sentient, thoughtful beings. You are able to connect with them on The Other Side. You are able to talk to them now. Animal communication is real. Pet psychic readings work. Using a medium to communicate with The Other Side makes it simple. Taking a class on being a pet psychic, medium or animal communicator is incomparable!

 How do I communicate with them?
It’s much simpler then you may think.

  • Connect with them (be present/focused on the animal/ no distraction)
  • Talk to them in your mind. Ask them questions. Send them Light. Be simple- if you rattle off 50 different things, they are going to shut off, anyone would.
  • Be open to the answer they give you. Be ready to ‘hear’ what they are saying to you.
  • Be patient. This takes practice and training.

Another fabulous way, seek out hypnotherapist that has experience talking to animals and channel them yourself! Or go and just get a recording made to get your self in that state to be able to do it… After you try it once, you’ll be hooked! It’s wonderful!

How do I know I’m really talking to them?
Everyone is different. You may get an impression or a feeling; you may see a picture; you may hear something in your mind; you may just know. It’s about trusting the information you are getting is about/from them.

Sometimes it is your spirit, your mind that’s answering the question, sometimes it’s them giving you the impressions, sometimes it may be just common sense; but however you got it, you got it! Be excited about that. Now act on it. It doesn’t do any good to get the information if you don’t use it.

Do they understand what I’m saying?
Probably, not in the way you think. They are animals with their own personalities and behaviors.

They answer to Nature. Natures programming is very strong- it is in everything they do. Part of the challenges that they have is that we (as pet owners, caregivers, etc.) do not realize when are asking them to choose between their nature programming and what we want them to do.

Why are they doing that?!
Most of the time we don’t like what we hear or are told; sometimes our feelings get hurt and we don’t understand why it turned out the way it did. And we may not like what we have to do to help them change their behavior. We may not want to know that we have to change in order for our animal to change…but we do. If everything was perfect, they wouldn’t be acting out.

And if it happens to be that it is not us, our training or how we interact with the animal. If it is something else, then we/you need to know as soon as possible in order to get them the care and professional help that they need, which can help them the best.

Can’t you just make them stop that behavior?
Can you make anyone do what you want them to do? Now!? Yes, I’m sure you could force it but there would be ramifications for your actions.

Animals-all animals are sentient beings. It’s about consciousness. They are alive and they need and want certain things. If you don’t know what the problem is, you can’t rectify it.  Without finding the problem, the behavior will continue and possibly worsen.

Animal communication is communicating with them- not to them or at them.

Why doesn’t anything I do work?
Having a trainer is one of the kindest things you can do for your pet. The trainer can teach, show and explain things to you about your specific animal, breed, etc. They know behavior and have been trained and trained themselves to pay attention to the signs that your animal is giving you, them, and everyone.

Animals are ‘made’ a certain way- and it’s not always the way we like them to be.
Nature loves variety! Look around you. This is the Planet used to teach Spirit about balance. Every animal, plant, tree, fish in the sea has something specific to contribute to its ecosystem. In other words, they all have jobs. We have domesticated animals for various uses, but we haven’t taken Nature out of them; the programming or the innate need to do their jobs.

Working with a trainer, you’ll realize how incredibly special and unique your animal is and how best to work/live/care for them.

Do all animal trainers communicate with animals?
Lets just say, that they just know things, they listen, they care and they watch. They observe and understand the animal and animal behaviors. Your pets are not people. They think but they do not think like you do. And quite honestly, they do not care how much those shoes were but they do care about the feelings/thoughts/training or lack there of that made them ‘chew’ it. And they certainly do care if you beat them with it, throw it at them or yell at them. But no, they do not care how much they cost or how hard they were to find.

What can that trainer really do?
They can train you!!! Once they leave, once the training sessions are over, it’s up to you. Now it’s your job to use all the information that you’ve received and experience you’ve gained to keep your pet healthy and happy. They can teach you valuable skills that will help make your home a comfortable wonderful place for everyone to enjoy.

Why would I need a trainer if I can talk to animals?
Just because you can talk to them, doesn’t mean you know how to train animals. It means you can talk to them; and sometimes the most harmless, best intended actions turn disastrous, just because you didn’t know.

Where do they go when they die?
Their bodies go back to Nature. Their Spirits don’t die. It’s consciousness; to them they are just doing something different. Really; new life, in the Light, in another body, whatever. This is what they are doing now.

It may not sound very exciting or soothing… but imagine just going about life (many of them) hanging out, some good times, some not so good, but just doing and living and being. This is not a get out of jail free card for anyone who is abusive, mean or cruel to animals. 1. They always remember 2. Karma- you reap what you sow and your Spirit always knows. It’s also not an invitation to do nothing if you see something bad or if you know better (karma, your spirit holds you to your actions and choices). We all have to do our parts in caring for and protecting them. In our world, they can’t do it themselves.
Nature, remember, and man rules the animal kingdom, so it’s our duty to make sure ‘he’ does it right.

Do they ever come back and visit?
Yes! Of course they do. You may catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye, feel something walk across your bed, think that you heard them in the distance, and have wonderful dreams of seeing them again!

Do they know I loved them/ am sorry/ miss them?
Yes, if you tell them.
Ask before you go to sleep or during a meditation to connect with your pet.
Use there name, picture them, think of them- if you have a hard time, actually look at a picture of them before you start.
Now, in a relaxed state, tell them. Think of the great times you had with them, how much you love them and be very excited that you just connected with them!

Will they remember me?
In fact, there is a story of a woman who saw ‘her dog’ that had been reincarnated, the (new) dog wanted to go home with her. Why? The dog remembered living on the beach with her and how wonderful it was.

Do animals have past lives?
Yes, that story was a perfect example of it!

IS there anything I can do to help heal my pet?
Yes…            (Light-en Up Meditation)
go to and do it!
A Simple & Deep “LIGHTEN UP” Technique From Light

For Lighting Self, Earth, Beings, Things & The Future

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