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Full of Love Pet Supplies .com is so Much More than Just Products!!!

At Full of Love Pet Supplies, we know how hard it is to support every cause, donate to everything you believe in and take care of every animal on the planet! So we make it a little bit easier- We donate a portion of all our proceeds to animals in need.

Your choices do make a difference!

Full of Love Pet Supplies .com makes sure that every purchase you make counts. By shopping with us, you are helping promote the advancement of science without harming any animals, animal rights, stop animal cruelty, animal shelters, education, etc.

Every month Full of Love Pet Supplies donates to NAVS. So you know by shopping with us, you are giving a voice to the animals that are used in research- now and in the future. We are letting the world know that every life counts-no matter how small.

Full of Love Pet Supplies .com supports
NAVS (National Anti-Vivisection Society)
Animal Advocates for Humane Science

You Choose the Charity of the Month!

We are currently working on a submission section of the company, website, and donation center that you are able to write about your favorite animal charity. We want to hear your opinion, why you love that organization, how they help animals and how and why they do or have impacted your life. Every month, we will have a drawing for the new charity of the month. We will post that one letter (please include contact information for that charity) and that will be our featured charity of the month and we will donate to them! And all because your letter was drawn. Thank you contest enterers for putting in your time and energy to create money for your favorite charity! We will continue to donate a portion of proceeds to NAVS, too, because that’s how the idea for this website was born.

What do we Want from You?

We want you to get you involved. We want you to have fun. We want you to participate in the contests and send in letters and pictures and stories for us to post on the site. (Hopefully videos coming soon!) We want interaction!
Animals are wonderful! They are cute and smart and loving. Animal stories can warm your heart, they can make you laugh and cry. A cute animal picture can make your whole day! We know it and we know you know it, too. So, let’s share our stories, our pictures and our experiences! This is a new site, we are growing and we’d love your opinions and ideas! Let us know what you think would be fun!

Have fun! Pamper your pets!
The more you Shop,
the More we Give!