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Hypnosis of the Month Club

This club is for those who love hypnosis (and once you’ve done it, you’ll love it!) It’s that wonderful, comfortable… euphoric feeling that only an altered state of consciousness can give you. One of the best things about a new hypnosis download to listen to every other week is the surprise. You’ll learn what the topic is once it’s posted… never before so it sets your subconscious mind to look forward to it, to get excited about it and it makes it work better. When you are listening to subjects that you are working on, that you really want, when you’re seeing a hypnotherapist about something specific your mind is fixated on that particular goal (good for you- keep doing that!) So, when you listen to these you’ll be amazed to find how different your state of hypnosis becomes. You’ll see a difference in your mind acting on the suggestions. You’ll hear it differently. You’ll feel the difference and you just let go. It’s wonderful. It’s fun. It’s something that you can do every day or once a week. And hypnosis makes you feel great!

The Hypnosis of the Month Club introduces you to the newest editions to the hypnosis download collection.

Each month you will receive access to 2 new hypnosis downloads. Approximately every two weeks a new hypnosis download is added to the website and the oldest one is taken off. There will always be two hypnosis downloads posted at all times. One of the benefits of being a member of the Hypnosis of the Month Club is that you are able to request hypnosis recordings that you are interested in receiving.

When you join the Hypnosis of the Month Club you receive access to the hypnosis of the month website that gives you access to your  2 downloads a month, a request email form, and a monthly newsletter answering questions and concerns.