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Improving Your Relationship With Joint Sessions

by Jennifer McVey –

Hypnosis for Couples, Joint Sessions and Common Questions About It

Why hypnosis for couples?

The goal is to create a clearer, more stable and fulfilling bond between the both of you from a greater awareness of your selves, minds and emotions. You are able to choose how you think, feel and respond to each other in a way that benefits you individually and together in the relationship.

What is hypnosis for couples?

It’s a couple session, you come in together, dialog, discover, change, learn and heal together. You also may go into hypnosis together; depending on the session you may leave with a recording to listen to alone or at the same time.

What does a couples session do?

It improves communication- understanding different communication styles, stopping each other from upsetting the other, and sorting out rules, insecurities and goals- individually and in the relationship.


Is it always the same?

Hypnosis for couples is tailored to each individual relationship. Before we would start the hypnosis session, we discuss what you both want to accomplish, what you both want to get out of the session and what you both think would improve your relationship.

What about problems we’ve had in the past?

If it is a problem you have created together, you fix it together. If it something that you have carried with you into the relationship then that is resolved at another time in a session without your mate present.

Why does it work?

Simple, what you’re doing is aligning your programming with one another.

For example if one person thinks affection is shown through money and the other thinks it is through cooking/cleaning… there’s a problem because your programming doesn’t match. One or both of you may feel slighted or not cared about. You don’t have to change how you show affection… it is explained to the subconscious mind that that is how they do it and means as much to them as your way means to you. So both parties feel appreciated and their affection is being reciprocated (even if it is in a different way.)

And aligning your programming can be done with anything…








What if we want different things?

You both decide what’s best for yourself, what you need from the other person and from the relationship. You both reach an understanding. Together you set up the foundation that you want without stress, worry or fears getting in the way and then we use hypnosis to explain it to your human, emotional self, and subconscious self. If there are unresolved issues with the past they will be addressed in a separate session. Personal stuff is kept personal. * Both parties must attend to their own inner work for healing to occur; for themselves and in the relationship.

What should we expect?

Expect positive results. You’re doing the session because you want to improve your relationship; because you care about each other and your future. These sessions bring you back into the present and help you focus on enjoying the person you fell in love with. Through these discoveries you are opening to a deeper understanding and greater acceptance of your selves, which leads to a fuller richer life with each other.

Do we have to do anything to prepare for the session?

No. If you would like to, you can jot down a few things you would like to talk about.

What can we do before the session?

Make a list of how you want to think about relationship (alone) and then discuss it together. You should each have your list and a relationship list with you when you come in or call on the phone. If that is challenging or confusing, I can help facilitate the process. You can both make a list of negative thoughts, fears, worries, concerns on one sheet/page and a list of how you want to feel on another. (Negative and positive) And, again, if it gets confusing or overwhelming, it can be done in the office or on the phone.

Can couples hypnosis be used for anything else?

Absolutely! This is a great way to improve your business relationships, partnerships, any type of relationship! This is also a great way to improve your family relationships, living environment and improve the relationships and communication with your children!  When you make an appointment, just ask for a joint session.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are scheduled per hour, so a good way to plan is one hour per person and leave time for an extra half an hour to hour for together time.

Usually, it is two separate sessions (you each get your own hour, you’re just doing some of it together!) But, as you know, everyone is different…It’s better to plan on more time and not use it than to run out in the middle of a really great session!

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