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The wonderful world of dreams!

Imagine if every dream you had was a message… a messenger that was bringing you valuable information about your life. Imagine if your dreams were answering your questions and helping you make decisions. Imagine if your dreams were solving your problems for you, giving you solutions to conflicts and helping you over come the challenges in your life. Imagine if your dreams were telling you about your current circumstances and preparing you for the future. Imagine if through your dreams you were communicating with loved ones (and pets!) from The Other Side.

Just imagine all the priceless information you would be receiving regularly if you interpreted your dreams. You have a very exciting and colorful inner life; paying attention to your dreams is just one way to tap into those inner levels of your mind and spirit.

The more information you have, the more your mind and spirit is able to use to get messages to you. The more you focus on something -good or bad- the more your subconscious mind focuses on it. The more you’re thinking about something, the more important your mind thinks it is to you.

Interpreting your dreams for yourself is easy… with some practice. And the best part, all you need is you; and a journal/notebook to write your dreams down. The more books you read, the more you are telling yourself that this is important to you and it is giving your mind more symbols to use to give you messages with.

When you go to sleep at night, begin by telling yourself you want to remember your dreams. Focus on that thought. Say it many times to yourself or picture yourself writing down your dreams the next day. If you have any questions or concerns, write them down in your dream book or tell your mind to give you a message through your dreams.

Write down your dreams. You may remember them as soon as you awake or in a week. As soon as you remember, write them down. Reread your dream a couple of times a day, asking YOURSELF (that’s one of the keys) what your dream means. Ponder it, think about it- even ask at night to have your dream interpreted in another dream.

Your spirit gives you the answer when you are open to receiving it.

Keep asking. You may get that, “Ah-Ha!” right away or it may take a few days. Keep up with it. Keep asking. You are training your mind. The more you do this, as simple as it may seem, the better and better you will get at it and the more detailed your dreams (your messages) will become.

And congratulate yourself on opening that door to your wonderful world of dreams!


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