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Light the Earth

ALL hypnosis downloads are meant to be listened to with your eyes closed and with your body lying or sitting back relaxed.

Do not listen to hypnosis or meditation downloads while driving or operating any type of machinery. Do not do anything else when you are listening to your downloads.

Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, lie back, close your eyes and relax.

Focus on your breath and behind closed eyelids, roll your eyes up to
the top of your head- look towards the middle of your forehead gently;
expect something wonderful and magical to happen...

Light the Earth

This is wonderful.

If you only take one thing away from this website...make it be this.

Listen to it.

Memorize it.

Tell people about it.

Do it yourself every morning and every night.


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Would you like it in writing?

Print it from here.

All the Light the Earth products remind us how important we are to the planet. You can help spread the word that Spiritual Light can restore balance... to our planet, our bodies and throughout our lives.

If you are only going to try one thing here… TRY THIS SET get the CD, the workbook and at least one journal. Listening to the Light the Earth CD and/or doing the visualization works best if done every day. You'll be amazed by the difference in your life and in those around you.

Would you like to know more and do it at home or with your friends? Try this Cpourse! You'll be amazed in the difference you see in your life and how much better you feel!
Light the Earth Downloads and Classes. Enjoy!


Why light the Earth?