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Light the Earth eClass

by admin on August 5, 2013

Use your Spiritual Light to bring balance to the planet, your body and your life.

If you are only going to try one thing here…Get this Course;  Listening to the Light the Earth download(s) and/or doing the visualization works best if done every day. You’ll be amazed by the difference in your life and in those around you.

The Light the Earth Course comes with a 177 page manual and workbook and 3 downloads. Choose the download that fits you that day.
Each download is different. There’s a 13, 25 and a 49 minute download guiding you through the process of Lighting the Earth, healing your body (and keeping it healthy and balanced), achieving your goals, protecting your things and everyone you care about. You cannot get the 25 minute and the 49 minute Light the Earth Downloads anywhere else ~ they go with the manual and the 13 minute download is found on my website (it’s free and is included here because it’s nice to have a short one).  The worksheets (included in the manual) should be used every time you do the long download. You can use them with all of the downloads but it is recommended that you use it every time you listen to the 49 minute recording. Your life changes. By taking the time to go over what you did last time, you’ll be better able to create what you want this time.

All of the Light the Earth downloads work with this manual. See them here.

We have a plethora of products that accompany and enhance your Light the Earth course. See them here. All of the Light the Earth products remind us how important we are to the planet. You can help spread the word that Spiritual Light can restore balance… to our planet, our bodies and throughout our lives.

This is Creation Light. You are using God’s Light. *If you are uncomfortable with the ‘word’ God ~ Do NOT buy this set.


Would you like to know more and do it at home or with your friends? Try this Course! You’ll be amazed in the difference you see in your life and how much better you feel!
Light the Earth Downloads and Classes. Enjoy!

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