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Provided by Odyssey of The Soul.

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A Message From Light

How humans can use their spiritual power to more quickly restore global balance and in doing so save not only themselves but all of the life forms on planet Earth from generations of global warming and global suffering.
The Plan of Light is Simple: Act As Channels Of Light. Let Your Light Shine.  The Consciousness Of Light Will Do The Rest.

Several times daily, take a moment to focus on your spiritual light. Imagine this Light being funneled through the crown of your head filling you with Light. Then funnel the Light to the center of the brain area – the pineal – also called the ‘third eye’ – and as you imagine the earth in your tender, caring hands, you will send this wonderful power of Light all around this globe, so beautiful, so wonderful, so perfect.

As the Light flows around the globe, imagine the power of the Light beaming like a laser from your third eye filling the atmosphere, the surface, the mantle, the magma, and the core of the Earth with Light.
Imagine all, starting with yourself, benefit from this. As you visualize each specific person, place, being you care to send Light to, always start with Self. As the Light flows through you, let it flow throughout every cell, every organ, every function of your body. Let it be the beacon for the balance between love and fear that keeps you in perfect balance here. Let it flow to those who you would share this joy in balancing their lives. But not to tell or direct them what to do with their lives, but merely to take this energy for their greatest good and greatest creation, the balance and the completion of their venture in this particular incarnation.

And when you are finished, as you enjoy the Light, you might, if you desire words, think this one simple little mantra:

Joy! Joy! Joy!
I Celebrate The Balance That Light Brings
To All That Is Created With Light.
What Color Light?

Light Says: “The tendency that people have is to send all the positive thoughts and feelings.  We remind you as you might remind them, the positive and the negative must be there in balance.  The balance of the two is what we’re seeking. 

as you might remind them, the positive and the negative must be there in balance.  The balance of the two is what we’re seeking.  So sending something you consider only positive to reflect and work against the negative works against the concept.  The light is the light.  Be it bright or be it dull.  Be it white or another color.  Light is the energy that allows the balance to be created equally.  Light and love are not always synonymous.  Nor are light and enlightenment synonymous.  For light can lead to the darkness, or the lack of the light, as well as to the brightest of lights.  And that is that balance that we seek.  Send ONLY the energy of Light.”

However, if you cannot help but visualize or imagine color  Light has also said all colors are frequencies of light. All frequencies and all colors are in white creator light. All that receive white creator light take from it what is needed to restore or maintain balance and thus perfect form and function in that moment in time.

Where Is The Third Eye? On your lower forehead, just above the space between your eyebrows.

Important Note For More In Depth Explanation of What Happens When One ‘Acts As A Channel of Light’ Read Chapter 8 of Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis posted on this website and Rachael’s Story at the end of the book.  (


Light has said not to ‘direct’ the light you send to The Earth. This means not to ‘tell’ the light what to do. You do not know where or how the light you send is most needed at the moment you send it. Nor do you have a right to tell others what to do with the light you send them. Light says you DO have the right to ‘direct’ the light for yourself. So…

When You Have The Time & The Inclination ~

After You Light Self, The Earth, & Others Think of A Goal You Have. Imagine Yourself As Having Already Achieved Your Goal. Imagine The Feeling. Feel The Feeling. Imagine It As Though It Is Really Happening NOW.

You can do this for many goals each time or one goal each time. It’s up to you. Doing only one goal each time helps you gauge your reaction when you imagine achieving it.

If you can’t seem to imagine reaching your goal or if imagining achieving it leaves you feeling upset, frustrated, out-sorts, distressed, sad, angry, or rebellious afterwards, you have resistance to achieving your goal or to taking the necessary steps to achieving it.

This resistance might be conscious – in which case you can find and work through the resistance consciously. You might be able to do this yourself by examining how achieving your goal will affect you or your life and how you and the people important to you will handle these changes. Or you might need help with this by talking about it with a trusted friend or professional counselor, coach or therapist. If your resistance is subconscious – this means your resistance is ‘hidden’ from your conscious awareness – you will need hypnosis or NMR to find it and possibly hypnotherapy to work through it. You can read about blocks, resistance, subconscious, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NMR in our treasure chest.

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Be Still And Know ~

“I Am That I Am And I Am With Thee Always.”

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