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Manifestation Made Easy

There has been a misconception about manifesting equating to getting material things, being wealthy and having a luxurious lifestyle. Manifesting is using the power of your Mind and understanding the inner workings of the Mind, Spirit and life. Manifesting is about aligning your inner self, thoughts, and feelings with your Spirit to create a life that is whole and balanced. Manifestation isn’t just about getting what you want, it’s about living a life that’s fulfilling, joyful and abundant. Manifesting isn’t magic, there’s not mysterious force out there that makes it happen, or a genie that grants wishes… If manifestation was as easy as thinking a positive thought… everyone would have everything they want. Quite simply, there is a reason you don’t have something and these courses can help you discover why, how to change/fix/heal it so you can.

Manifestation is using your mind and the Light of your Spirit; in order to do it well, more than once or at random, you have to understand your mind, your Spirit and learn about the repercussions of your actions. There is responsibility that needs to be considered and you are held accountable for what you do and how you do it. It’s about consciousness. There are  “universal laws” to follow, rules of the Mind, Body and Spirit that have to be paid attention to, and life choices to be changed, programming and emotions that need to be attended to, and knowledge and lessons that need to be learned. And all of that can be exciting, awaking and in learning all of it, you’ll find you have greater peace of mind when you know that what you’re doing is right. You are in control of your life, all aspects of it. These manifestation classes teach you how to create what you want and live a life that is for your Highest Good. This is everything and anything you want to know about manifestation and how to do it! Manifestation Made Easy Series is for those who are serious about learning about manifesting and all the different ways to be able to do it. You’ll discover all of the different ways that you can create what you want, which is the best way for you to manifest and you’ll have fun doing it! Through these classes you’ll learn how long it takes you to manifest different things, the correct way for you to word it so you create exactly what you want not what you think you want (you’ll never have to say “that’s not what I meant!” again), understand why some things come to you and why some don’t and how to change it so you are able to have everything your heart desires!  The Manifestation Made Easy series is a self study course. You receive access to the Manifestation Made Easy website.

The website provides you with:


Lectures and classes

Exercises and examples

A group forum

An on-going newsletter answering questions and concerns