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Meditation of the Month Club

If you love to meditate, to relax, to have someone guide you through mystical places, winding paths to attain your goals, ways to solve your problems and meet those you need in your life… You will love these downloads! Each one is uniquely different and extraordinary; the experience blissful and fulfilling. The time spent is well worth it and the results are fantastic.

The meditation of the month club introduces you to the newest editions to the meditation download collection. Each month you will receive access to 2 new meditation downloads. Approximately every two weeks a new meditation download is added to the website and the oldest one is taken off. There will always be two meditation downloads posted at all times. One of the benefits of being a member of the Meditation of the Month Club is that you are able to request meditation recordings that you are interested in receiving.

When you join the Meditation of the Month Club you receive access to the Meditation of the Month website that gives you access to your  2 downloads a month, a request email form, and a monthly newsletter answering questions and concerns.