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More About Jennifer McVey

Personal Questions

Questions for and/or about Jennifer

Do you like your job?
I love it. I’m made for it. It is what I was created to do; to learn and teach about consciousness. And the more I learn I realize the less I know, which opens the door for continual knowledge, growth and experience. It is impossible to hit a plateau, know everything or get bored!

I have ‘a mission’ and I know it, I know what it is and why I chose it. It’s much easier to know which way to go when you know where you are headed.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Whether it’s in a session, a class or a seminar, I love watching the consciousness change/shift in everyone I work with. I enjoy giving people choices, helping them achieve their goals, teaching about Spirit, the mind, their bodies, Nature; sharing knowledge and teaching about Light and showing people how to use their Light to better their lives and the planet.

*Anytime goals are mentioned it refers to anything that is wanted or desired mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, materially and financially.*

What is the least favorite part of your job?
One article I would love everyone to read before they see me, or any therapist, for that matter, is Ten Things your Therapist Won’t Tell You by Pamela Chilton, B.T., C.Ht.

When did you know you were psychic?
I’ve always listened to my intuition. I’ve always ‘heard’ it or have ‘just known’ things. I’ve relied on prophetic dreams as far back as I can remember. In fact, I really thought everyone had the same ‘gift’ as me. I couldn’t understand why people didn’t know things, realize things, or know what was coming. I have always been very sure of my feelings, acted on them, and told/talked about them to everyone all the time. It’s a normal part of my life and always has been.

Is it hard being psychic?
It has its own challenges. And there is a lot of upkeep. I have to make different choices so I can be clear.

The real challenge is that of higher consciousness, living a conscious life.
My focus is on right action in thought, word and deed; being a nice person and listening to my Higher Self. Everyday, I say to myself, “Higher Self, lift me up and use me for the highest good. Help me be the best than I can be.”
And as simple as it may seem, there are many times that I think life would be easier if I didn’t make that commitment, but in truth, being on your higher path, your golden path, brings you the most joy, deepest loves and greatest satisfaction; and every challenge is worth the lesson and growth. There is something so soothing to know that whatever is happening is to your highest good and it is that knowing, that trusting, that believing that everything is exactly as it should be, every moment of every day.

Does it change your life?
I’m sure if all of a sudden my ‘psychic abilities kicked in’ it would be a huge change in my life! But I have worked for YEARS to develop, sharpen and hone my skills to be able to do what I do. (I am still working with myself regularly.)

What was the hardest thing to give up or change?

Isn’t it easier being psychic?
We all ‘pick’ or have our challenges and lessons; it makes each of us, a better us. The grass is not always greener on the other side. It’s not the ‘psychic stuff’ that makes life better or easier- it’s listening to your Higher Self that makes the difference. You can be incredibly psychic and know all kinds of things about people (past, present future, be able to communicate with those on the Other Side, etc.) but what good is going to do anyone if you are confused and lost in your own life? Or what if you don’t trust your own intuition and you doubt all the messages you receive or worse trust completely and have no idea who or where these messages are coming from? None; you would do more harm than good because if you don’t know who you are, what your truth is, how can you help someone else? Simple. You can’t, you may think you are helping them but if you don’t hear your Higher Self or know the difference between your own beliefs and theirs, you may not have any idea that what you are doing or saying is actually hindering their growth, telling them what they want to hear or moving them off of their own path and interfering with what their Spirit wants for them.

What’s an average day for you like?
An average day… (not in order) at least an hour of meditation, 5-6 hours of sleep, some form of exercise or yoga, a couple hours of hypnosis, and work. I love to work! I love my work… so, maybe 10 hours a day; the rest is ‘critter time’ and Nature time, phone time and some socializing. If it is an extra special day, I’ll craft, paint or scrapbook.

What’s your life like?
I have a simple life. I like a lot of alone time and silence. I am a high energy person and fairly adventurous. I have been called a risk taker but I describe it as someone that likes to experience life. I live my life and I like it.

What is Ahimsa?

In simple terms, it means harmlessness or non-harming; it’s the practice of treating all life with respect and the belief that it is all sacred. To me, it is living a conscious life with the awareness and respect that life (all life) is sacred.

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How did you get into it?
When I starting researching and studying veganism. The more I read and studied, I found that it fits into my lifestyle and belief system perfectly; well, it is who I aspire to be and the lifestyle I desire to cultivate.

Why did you do it?
I couldn’t ‘not’ do it. I knew/know too much now. It’s the thinking, if you’re not part of the solution; you’re part of the problem. And it’s supply and demand. If there is not a demand for certain things- they will stop being produced (veganism). And for all of the other concepts and principals, I am teaching by example.
And I feel good about my choice. For me, it is the right way to live.

What was the hardest thing to give up (Veganism)? Cheese and designer handbags

What was the hardest thing to give up (Ahimsa)?
Honestly, the critical thoughts of myself, my actions and/or my behavior.

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