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Positive Self Programming

Most things that you hear will tell you how to hypnotize your self; use positive affirmations; change your thinking; there are so many ways to do positive self programming… All of which are good and highly recommended. In fact, try this one (it’s wonderful) go to and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

But has anyone ever told you, that in a lot cases you can calm yourself down, achieve what you want, and change your thinking just by talking to yourself? The great thing about this way, is you do it, all the time, every day.

Not commanding yourself, yelling at yourself and certainly not by scolding or criticizing your self, but by speaking kindly to yourself. By listening to your thoughts, your body, your feelings and taking each and everyone seriously. True or untrue- if you have that thought or that feeling- you are having it for a reason. The more you ignore it, the stronger and stronger it comes back.

How often do you catch and berate yourself for what you did wrong? Do you pick apart things that have accomplished rather than just celebrating because you did great? Are you always thinking and wondering if it was your fault and what you could have done different or better? Is scolding yourself for what you should have done, said, thought of?

Do you have any guilt about not being perfect, doing a better job or knowing better? ALL of that is negative self programming. Saying “I can’t” programs you to be limited. Is it easy to change this? Yes. Can you change it overnight or in the next week? No. It takes practice and patience and kindness. Can you do it? Yes!

Rather than telling yourself everything you did wrong, what you forgot or how you messed up, tell yourself nice things about you. And talk to yourself. Convince yourself why it is getting better. Why what you did was enough. Just like you would counsel a close friend; counsel yourself.

You are worth the time and energy. Tell yourself so. Talk to yourself. Be nice. Give yourself breaks and holidays. Talk yourself into you time. Give yourself worry free evenings and meditation time. Go shopping or watch the game. Do things for you and talk to yourself about how being you is great. And that hanging out with you is even better!


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