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Programming and Money

by Jennifer McVey –

Please read Hypnosis and The Mind on the Home Page to get the full benefit from this exercise.

Your thoughts, your programming, your mind has everything to do with your money.

What about your money?

If you have it or if you don’t.
If you hoard it or spend it all.
If your money life is in or out of balance.
If you like it or hate it.
Are you afraid of having it or loosing it?
Are you more comfortable with it or without it?
What is your relationship with money?

When you begin to contemplate money, your relationship with money and how it affects your life you may realize how powerful your thoughts are.

Curious about your money programming?

What are your money habits?
What patterns can you find in your life?
What would your bookkeeper say about you?
What was your childhood like?
How did all of the people in your life view money?
What were you taught about money?

Now, life is different- you have choices what you want to think and believe. Get a journal and start writing. Pushing thoughts aside or ignoring the negative thoughts does not make them go away; it just means you are ignoring them. Do not deny the importance of those negative thoughts- be it programming, worries or warnings.

Answer all of the questions above and write your good and bad thoughts about money.
Once you have written out your negative thoughts, go to the Home Page and read/do the exercises: Positive Self Programming, Raise your Money Consciousness and the Lighten-Up Meditation.

Get a few very positive money books. Books that make you feel secure and happy. Make up or find positive, clear affirmations about money that you can say to yourself over and over. Set realistic goals. Make your relationship with money a priority. Money is energy… how is it in your life?

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