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Psychic Ability Training

Everyone has psychic abilities. The key is understanding what they are, how they work and teaching your self how to use them. In this series of training classes you learn about the different types of psychic senses, mind reading, consciousness, channeling, the levels of the mind, Spirit, Light, Higher Self, ghosts and spirit attachments, and much, much more. You learn about energy and chakras, what is psychic healing (and how to do it) and psychic attack (and how to protect yourself from it), techniques to cleanse yourself and your space, how interpret your dreams and astral travel, understand signs and symbols from Spirit, Nature and your Mind, how to see and draw auras and Spirit Guides, find lost objects, and how to communicate with animals and people on the Other Side.  This classes teaches you how to use tarot cards, regular playing cards, Rune Stones, dowsing rods and hangers, pendulums, crystal balls, sticks/stones/ “bones,” books and passages to answer questions and tell you about the future, and the basics of astrology- eastern and western, palmistry, handwriting analysis, I-Ching and numerology. You learn how to do various types of readings- past lives, flowers, auras, dice, objects anywhere and things that people bring you, tea leaves and coffee grounds. In this class you discover and meet your Animal Totem, Angels and Spirit Guides. Being a good psychic is about developing your skills, knowing yourself and correctly interpreting the information you receive. Using your psychic abilities is a great way to improve the quality of your life. By trying different exercises you learn and incorporate the information so that it works for you. Each class focuses on a specific type of psychic ability; it explains how it works, gives homework (Using your psychic abilities is fun and exciting!), meditations, hypnosis and/or exercises, group discussions and practice.