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Free Downloads & Recordings

ALL hypnosis downloads are meant to be listened to with your eyes closed and with your body lying or sitting back relaxed.

Do not listen to hypnosis or meditation downloads while driving or
operating any type of machinery. Do not do anything else when you are
listening to your downloads.

Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, lie back, close your eyes and relax.

Focus on your breath and behind closed eyelids, roll your eyes up to
the top of your head- look towards the middle of your forehead gently;
expect something wonderful and magical to happen…


Spiritual Consultations

How does Jennifer do Spiritual Sessions and Intuitive Consultations?

She describes her process, using her Higher Self and channeling. The mind
is explained simply. This download teaches you about psychic abilities
in a very logical way. It’s a clear, concise description of how and why
‘psychic readings’ work or don’t work, how to pick a good psychic for
you, what to expect in a reading and how to prepare yourself for a

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Learn how to attract your Ideal Lover

Join Leeza & Renee as the sit down with Jennifer McVey and discuss how does one attract the ideal lover to them.

Welcome to energyXchange blogtalkradio dedicated to holistic health practices, motivational material and spiritual growth. Our philosophy embraces the belief that we are connected through the universal thread of love and light. This show will provide a melting pot of ideas and philosophies as diverse as the planet we live on. Our dream is that this broadcast and its sister magazine will be a physical representation of the exchange of energy we are all in the flow of. Please note this show is an educational tool only & should not be used in place of medical or legal advice. Thoughts and opinions expressed on the show by guests do not necessarily align with the hosts personal belief system.