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Raise Your Money Conciousnous


(If this exercise feel like too much for you, start with sending Light everyday and begin to ‘entertain’ the thought of doing this exercise. You have time- ease into it, start slowly and be comfortable moving at your own pace. You don’t have to do everything at once.)

This exercise is simply changing, expanding your level of awareness and acceptance of money in your life. You are altering your perception of money and its ability to fill your life; it is that deep realization that money is energy and you are able to bring it to you. You can do this exercise with anything that you want to create in your life. This raising your money consciousness exercise is helping you to achieve a money goal, build confidence and trust in yourself and ‘convince’ your mind why the goal is being achieved (and why it should be). You are changing your thinking about how money comes to you and using the Light of your Spirit to create it.

What you need:

  1. A good understanding of your relationship with money

(There are exercises on the Home Page and on the Links Page to help with this.)

  1. A goal
  2. A journal, notebook, something specific for working with money
  3. Schedule in 2-3 times a week to be able to work with yourself without any interruptions

What you need to do in your journal:

  1. Write your goal in your notebook

(clearly, concisely, positively, in present tense)

  1. Write a paragraph about why the goal is attainable
  2. Write a paragraph about what you are going to do with the ‘goal’ once you get it
  3. Make a list about EVERY possible way your ‘get’ your goal Make a list of what you are going to do to bring your goal to you

Hints and Tips:
Use a separate page for each exercise, every time you change a thought and/or a subject
Always title your pages
Write in the date you are doing the exercise
Write the date you want the goal achieved by
Continue to write about what’s happening/how its working, anything and everything exciting
Keep adding to the pages as new ideas pop into your head (date it)

You do not have to know how it’s coming (Trust your Spirit and Mind)
Expect the best and let it happen
Reread your notebook and what you have written once a week/month until your goal is achieved

What you need to do:

  1. All of the journal exercises
  2. Read Hypnosis and The Mind on the Home Page
  3. Positive self programming
  4. Think positively
  5. Send Light to your goal everyday
  6. Ask yourself, fairly regularly, what you can do to achieve this goal


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