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Tarot I

This series of tarot classes gives you a solid foundation into the mystery of the tarot. We cover the basics: the history, major arcane, minor arcane, court cards, the four suits and all of the things you can use tarot for. You are taught what the major differences between the Rider-Waite tarot deck and the Crowley-Thoth tarot decks are, how to use affirmation and positive thinking cards, and understand all different types of spreads and readings. You learn how to pick the right deck and spreads for your own personal use.  You can even create your own cards/deck that fits you, your personality and lifestyle!

Tarot II

These classes cover anything and everything you want to learn about tarot. You’ll write and make your own lay outs/spreads, practice doing tarot readings on yourself and others, engage in interesting discussions and hear other interpretations of your spreads and have show and tell from what you have done out of the classroom for the last week! This is a great way to fine tune your skills, sharpen your intuition, and learn psychic etiquette and wording in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.
After taking these classes you’ll comfortably and confidently be able to do tarot readings for yourself and your friends.