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Thank you from Jennifer McVey

Why am I posting this?
1. I have to tell everyone Thank you!!!! And that I love and appreciate them.
2. That I’m human, I have hard days, life is not always peachy. 
3. Life still goes on- whether we participate in it-or not, life keeps going.
4. If I can do it, so can you… look for the Light.

(Thank you…During Tough Times! Written 2-09)
I had a friend ask me- just last week (mind you, the last three years of my life have been the worst I’ve ever had-the foundation for this conversation/comment), anyway- they asked me, “How do you keep going? Why don’t you just quit?” My same response is – I just keep going. :) I get my head right and I get up again. (not enough of an answer- lol) “How????” came again… so, I gave them an example…
When I forget why I’m here or I feel like I hate everything (hee hee), I go to my website and I browse through it. I read it, I look at all of the pictures and I think of all the time and effort that was put into it. How my web-lady (she is truly a gift) made it fabulous, the pictures that my make-up lady and photographer took and edited, my wonderful bookkeeper that keeps my life in order, my computer guy that spent countless hours wracking his brain to figure out how to make it work and my other computer friend that found my great web-lady for me- the teachers I’ve had, all of my clients and colleagues, all of my friends that have been so understanding of me dropping off the face of the Earth when I need to, my super fabulous boyfriend who patiently waits for me to talk like ‘a normal person’ and re-engage in life, and of course, all of my friends and family that have spent hours upon hours trying to help me figure out what to say and how to say it (and all of them that have had to hear the same thing read to them 50 different times with all of the corrections!) So, when I doubt- I look at my website (my beautiful, beautiful website- and yes, sometimes I tear!) and I am reminded what incredibly wonderful people I have in my life, what my purpose is and no matter how dark the day may seem- there’s always Light.