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How to…& Exercises

Use your Intuition

Using your Intuition is to be able to hear and decipher that still small voice in your mind or that knowing feeling inside or to see the situation or person for what it really is. The key is to know the difference between your intuition and your thoughts, feelings, worries, hopes and fears.

Use your Intuition. Listen to your feelings. What does your gut tell you? What is your heart saying? How does the situation feel? Look around you- does everything look right to you? What is the nagging inside trying to tell you?

You can do it. You can tell. Let your intuition be your inner navigator. Listen to your Higher Self, it will always chart the best way for you.

Ease into it and do it slowly. Practice with little hunches and act on the thought, “I should probably…” and test it out. Were you right? Do you catch yourself saying, “I’m glad I…” If things are not happening the way you thought they would, think about why you thought it was going to go a different way than it did. Was it you hoping or wanting it to go a specific way; did you really get a message about it; were you fooling yourself or talking yourself in or out of it? Or did it sound good or look perfect-did it seem too good to be true and you over-rode that skeptical feeling because you liked the possible outcome?

The more you act on the intuitive nudges you receive, the better and better your intuition will become. You have to try it, trust it and do it. The only way you will discover how your intuition works is by using it.

Go to the bookstore and the library find books that you are drawn to. Make sure the ones you choose give examples of using psychic abilities and have a variety of exercises for you to try. Read all you can. It’s giving you, your mind ideas of different ways to get messages to you that you will recognize. Watch movies and documentaries to remind you that psychic phenomenon is real. Make sure you pick movies, documentaries and programs that make you want to develop your intuition. Stay away from things that are scary or that are made to make you jump. You are convincing yourself to develop your intuition, not to be afraid of it. Get into the habit of saying things like, my gut tells me; I feel like; it sounds like; I see, etc. use the phrasing that best first the way your intuition comes to you. Get used to trusting yourself, believing in your feelings, that knowing, and your visions… Teach yourself to trust your intuition.

Decide what you want (the way you want your intuition to come more clearly, increase trust in yourself and your intuition, the belief that it is working and you are using your intuition more everyday, etc.) and write it down. Be clear, concise and positive. Reread it to yourself as soon as you get up in the morning; any mind time you have during the day, affirm it is working, that you can do it, and that you notice it every time it happens;  before you go to sleep at night, tell yourself what you want and focus on it happening in your life.


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