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How to…& Exercises

Use your Light to Create what you want in your Life

You are a powerful creator Spirit. It is your divine right to live the life you want. Are you willing to put in all it takes to have that life/lifestyle you want? Are you willing to overcome the challenges and obstacles you may encounter along the way? Are you willing to look at your own truth about your situation, wants, beliefs and needs? And why it may be happening to you? Are you ready to get the message and make the change?

You may not be able to change every circumstance, but you are certainly able to change your reaction to it. You are able to get help and guidance about every aspect of your life.

Start Simple. Think Simple. Send Light. Act as if.

Really, it’s that easy.

1. Decide what you want in your life.

Decide what you want in all aspects your life. Think about how getting what you want will affect your life and those around you.

2. Send Light daily (do the Lighten-Up Meditation)

Prepare for your goals manifesting. Make room for them. Make time. Make space in your mind and in your life. You may want to take some extra time a few times a week to let your mind drift in the possibilities. When you are on the goal part of your life- imagine the very, very best (even if you think it is too good to be true) and feel what it would be like having that in your life. How you feel, what you look like with it, how it fits in your life, etc.

3. Write your goals down

Positively, clearly, concisely (your subconscious mind is literal) Many people get exactly what they wanted- when exactly what they wanted is not what they meant!

Some people like affirmations-if you like them, use them. If you are more comfortable with a vision board, make one. Just DO something physical; writing, drawing, cutting, pasting, listing- whatever, just do something.

4. Expect the very best

Act as if. Plan on it, know it, trust it. Believe in your self, your mind and your spirit to bring everything you want and need to you.

Also, be realistic. Listen to your intuition, know it’s coming but still live your life now- not for the future- but now.

This is not rocket science, it’s also not a ‘get out of putting effort into anything’ free card either.

If you are asking for a million dollars, it may magically appear- but more likely you will be guided to do what will bring that money to you. If you are asking for your perfect mate, they may show up at your front door or you may have to join a club or go to a different store than you usually do. If you want more peace and joy in your life you will be lead to what will bring those things into you and your life or you may ‘get’ the thought of why you don’t have it. Once you get that why- it is up to you to change it. Yes, your Spirit is powerful and so are you. Working together with your Spirit and taking action is what gets you what you want.

* If the opposite starts happening, you stop moving towards your goal (in any way), you forget, you get negative or discouraged, you probably have discovered that you have a block.

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