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Weekly Classes & Seminars

These private classes and seminars are tailored to you and your small group. We sit down together and you decide what it is that your group is interested in learning

or focusing on and how many weeks or sessions you are interested in. It’s fun. You pick the place, the people and all of the subjects and topics.It’s completely up to you how fast or slow that we go and you can mix and match from all the classes that are offered. We create a series of classes based on exactly what you want. What could be more fun than making a list and having a teacher there ready to teach only what you want? A group of four or more is recommended. There is a minimum of three people per class and a minimum of three classes/weeks. It is $100 set up fee and $250 per week plus supplies. The classes are usually about an hour and a half to two hours per class.

Call for out of city, state and country availability and rates.