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Sleeping, Dreaming Mice…
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Why Full of Love Pet Supplies?

Note from website owner: Jennifer McVey

The goal of Full of Love Pet Supplies was born from reading an article (I don’t know where- I think I was so upset from the whole thing, I blocked it out, and yes- it was one of those with pictures) that said approximately 100 million animals are used in research every year. What? 100 million? When I sent my Aunt (she volunteers for a local Humane Society) an email about how I wanted to start a business so I could raise money for NAVS, she immediately called me and told me when she was volunteering for an animal shelter, a few years back, she had heard a company on the east coast that raised dogs to be sold for scientific experiments/scientific research. So, she called that company. She told them that she didn’t believe it, but she just had to ask. Their response was yes, they do- but the dogs are not raised around people (like pets) so it is different. What does that mean? How are they raised then? What are they talking about? (My brain just doesn’t ‘get it’)

So, I thought about it…
100 million animals a year. That’s 100,000,000 lives; living, breathing, thinking, feeling…

I couldn’t believe it. I looked it up on NAVS website. Is the Link to the NAVS section of their site “Credible Answers for a Cruelty Free World”
It’s a great site, great page and it is easy to read and digest.

So, not 100 million. Tens of millions. Tens of millions? What does that mean? What exactly is tens of millions? That’s what? 20,000,000? 40,000,000? 60,000,000? 80,000,000? Tens of millions; that means an awful lot of … (you choose the thought)

The whole thing was too upsetting and startling to me.

That’s why I started this website. The profits go just to cover the cost of running the website/business and the rest is donated to help stop cruelty to animals and to NAVS.
I make NO money off of this website or any of the products.
I figure, I can work, talk and make choices- the animals can’t.

So this website (all the money it generates) goes to those little critters that cannot protest, speak up or walk out because they don’t like how they are being treated or what their future holds.

This is one more way that I can contribute to something I love- animals!
So, thank you for choosing Full of Love Pet Supplies. Thank you for shopping here. And all of the animals all over thank you, too!!!

So, why Full of Love Pet Supplies?

Because every choice we make matters.