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Why your Business is not Working/Growing

by Jennifer McVey –

You are right- it should be. But it’s not? Why not?
It can be frustrating, stressful, sometimes disheartening and even depressing.
Ask someone and they will tell you what they think, what you should do and if you are really lucky, they will point out everything that you have done wrong or should have done before. It doesn’t help. You try again. Maybe a little bit better, but you’re still wondering, “What am I doing wrong?” or  “Why can’t I do it?” or “Why isn’t it working?”
Maybe you catch yourself beating yourself up in your mind or out loud. Telling yourself haw stupid you are or how you should have never done this. Maybe you are negative about the whole thing entirely and everything is just terrible. Maybe you are worried, scared about the future, stressed- feeling like you should be doing more…

Before you get yourself into a funk, even one or two negative thoughts about yourself or your business, breathe. What if everything happens for a reason? What if the reason this is not working is a very simple answer and solution? What if your business not doing exactly what you want it to do is just a message?

Breathe again. Let the worry and stress leave your body. Let go of what you think. Your Higher Self knows what’s best for you- always. The key is asking your Higher Self (not someone else), listening to the answer and acting on the information you receive.
And ask yourself what the message is
Ask yourself why this is happening
Ask yourself what to do now

To get yourself in a calm place, do the Lighten-Up Meditation
Keep a Journal or a notebook or use a tape recorder
(if it’s important enough, you’ll put in the effort)
Quiet your Mind
Ask the Questions
Expect to get the Guidance
(it comes as soon as you are open to receiving it)
Act on the Guidance that you Receive
Meditate on it Everyday

You can just ask your Higher Self to help you
Sending Light can take as little as 3 min
*You have all of the answers inside of you*

If you can’t figure it out, read Hypnosis and the Mind (article on the Home Page) It will explain the Mind, programming and blocks and what else you can do.

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