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Communicating Mind to Mind

The Simple Way

What if I was to tell you that communicating mind to mind with someone is easier and faster than emailing them? Would you believe that you can get someone a message through your mind quicker than calling them on the phone? Could you imagine being able to have an entire conversation with someone when they are half way around the world by connecting with them through your thoughts?

You can. You do it now, everyday, all of the time.

Maybe you tap into their thoughts, maybe they tap into yours.

But you’re doing it, constantly.

  1. Have you ever thought of someone and then they called you?
  2. Have you ever been aware of another driver on the road that you watch only to discover, they did exactly as you thought and moved into your lane, cut you off, etc.?
  3. Have you ever really wanted a specific thing and got it as a gift?
  4. Have you ever had a feeling that someone was talking about you and come to find out-they were?
  5. Do you ever know what someone is going to say before they say it?
  6. Have you guessed a surprise before it was given to you?

We do these things everyday. Usually, the closer we are to someone, the more we let them in, but we do it all of the time.

Now, practice doing it with intention.

1. Focus on a person (someone that you can talk to about this experiment).

2. Send them Light. (Lighten-Up Meditation)

3. (Image, imagine, remember, think it, say it, hear it, actually do it in your mind)

Call them on the phone.

4. (Image, imagine, remember, think it, say it, hear it, actually do it in your mind)

When they answer, you can say whatever you want. Make it simple.

For the first few times try telling them to call you.

Notice how long it takes them to call you. When you talk to them ask them why they called you. You may or may not want to tell them, but it does make it more fun when you have someone to practice with.

Imagine if you didn’t have to call to tell your honey to bring home something from the grocery store because you can send them a message with your mind; or get the attention of your waiter or waitress without having to flag them down; plus, you’ll never have to guess again at what people want for a gift and you’ll know everyone you care about is just one thought a way.

Interested in Mind to Mind Communication?

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The more you practice with the little things, the better and better you’ll get at it. Use the telephone in your mind; tell them whatever it is you want to tell them. Be clear and simple. It’s just that easy.  Click Here to Develop and Enhance your Psychic Abilities Now!

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