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Donations, Fundraising & Volunteer Work


Jennifer volunteers her time and services (Spiritual Answers and Solutions .com)
Personal Appearances: lectures, readings- groups and individual, classes and seminars
Via Phone: Interviews and Sessions
Gift Certificates: Are gifts of Hope, Healing and Enlightenment. (Downloads) Jennifer donates Hypnosis and Meditation Downloads to various nonprofits and charities to help brighten someone in needs day, lift consciousness and help to remind them that they have the power within them to do anything.  (Pet Psychic Sessions) Jennifer works with Full of Love Pet Supplies .com to spread the message about the importance of being Earth friendly, the humane treatment of animals and the importance of living a conscious, healthy life by donating gift certificates for pet sessions and readings.
Downloads: hypnosis, meditation, classes, seminars, ebooks and exercises
Website & Sessions for our Armed Service Members: In appreciation of our service men and women, we offer complimentary sessions for veterans, active duty, and reservists on Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, Veterans Day and, of course, the birthday of your branch of service; all of our hypnosis and meditation downloads are free to activity duty and veterans; discounted sessions for and activity duty and reservists during regular business hours/days and and additional discounts for veterans, activity duty and reservists during Military Appreciation Month. Visit us here for more information.
All of Jennifer’s appearances, interviews and sessions are subject to availability.

Gift Certificates

Jennifer donates her time and sessions. Working with Full of Love Pet Supplies .com, Spiritual Answers and Solutions .com  gives gift certificates for pet psychic sessions and medium readings. The gift certificates are donated for auctions, raffles and fundraising events.

More information on the gift certificates and to see what they look like click here

Military Appreciation Website 

Jennifer is currently in the process of building a website dedicated to our armed forces and their dependents.. She is making a website available to the men and women that protect and serve our country and their family members that love, miss and support them. All of the downloads and ebooks on the website are free to active duty and veterans; the downloads for the families is on the way! It’s just one more way to lift consciousness and help everyone make better, life affirming choices and be comfortable with all of the choices they have made. The downloads are specific to military members and their families; they cover subjects including but not limited to adapting to deployment, PTSD, trauma, healing, adapting to coming home, being alone, surgery and, of course, keeping everyone safe.
Visit us here and see what we have so far!


We use the gifting of our jewelry to add hope, love and inspiration to each hand it passes through.  Our goal is to have each child that uses and wears our beaded items to be reminded of how incredibly special and needed they are ~ every moment of every day.    

The company JenCraft makes jewelry, bookmarks and a variety of beaded items to give to children to brighten their worlds. We also make a variety of items to donate for auction for Charities and Fund Raisers.

All of our Jewelry is Handmade and Full of Love, Hope and Blessings. Nothing our company makes is for sale. All of our creations are for donation purposes only.  Please visit us here to browse through our selections.

Please let us know if you have a recommendation or if there is a special place you would like us to send out gifts or would like to become one of our gifting centers. Go to our Blog

Click below to view our slideshow: 

JenCraft ♥ Gifts of Jewelry


Jennifer believes in volunteer work, giving back to the community- hers and the global community… She thinks that we are all in this together.

Jennifer believes there are ways to help all different types of causes. Donating  and selling her gift certificates in conjunction with Full of Love Pet Supplies .com is one way that she is able to help various organizations and people help themselves, raise awareness and raise money for their causes.

All the proceeds of the Gift Certificates purchased through Full of Love Pet Supplies are donated and used to support various organizations that promote conscious living, going green and the humane treatment of animals.

Would you like to contribute by purchasing a gift certificate?

Gift Certificates expire 90 days after date of purchase.

Sessions are done by appointment only.

All sessions are phone sessions.

Click below to buy a Pet Session Gift Certificate $125.