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Hypnotherapy Sessions and Services:

Pre-recorded downloads, tapes and Cds
Personalized recordings- hypnosis and meditation sessions
Self Hypnosis Training
Relaxation & Meditation Training
Inner Child Healing
Regression Therapy
Change your Thinking/Programming
Find & Eliminate Blocks
Past Life Regressions/Past Life Regression Therapy
Future Progressions
In-Between Life Regressions/ In-Between Life Regressions Therapy
Behavior Modification/Elimination
Sports Enhancement Hypnosis
Easy & Pain Free Child Birth
Anesthesia& Medical Hypnosis (working with and healing your body, preparation for before and after surgery)
TFT & Allergy Correction
Spiritual Hypnosis (destiny, fate, karmic release and understanding, life path, purpose and lessons)
Pediatric Hypnosis
Sexual Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder Hypnotherapy
BLS/EMDR with Hypnotherapy
Forensic Hypnosis
Spirit Communication & Channeling
Exorcism, Spirit Attachment & Abduction Hypnotherapy
Smoking Cessation & Weight Loss Programs
Analytical Hypnotherapy
Dream Interpretation
Reincarnation & Past Life Review
Guided Meditation & Imagery
Time Line Therapy
Ericksonian Hypnosis
Transforming Therapy (Boyne)
Spirit Releasement Therapy
Stress Reduction Training
Emotional Release
Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Balancing
Spiritual Healing (using the Light of your Spirit)