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MLMs and Consciousness

by Jennifer McVey –

If it is a MLM, or anything in your life, how it works for or against you have to do with your relationship, perception and understanding of it; how it relates to you and your life-your relationship to it/with it.

 It’s about consciousness.

Your beliefs about something IS how it will work (or not) in your life.

What you think consciously and subconsciously affect it.

If (whatever you are doing) it is to your highest good and what you are to be learning from the entire experience matters.

Your subconscious programming plays a huge part.

Your internal motivation plays a key roll.

With MLMs, being the focus, ask yourself these questions:

In general, how many ‘things’ have you heard about multi-level marketing?

What type of people are you attracting?

Do you like/love what you are doing?

Why are you doing it?

What’s the driving force behind your actions and choices?

Do you feel abundant and wealthy?

Is your thinking positive?

Are you getting back what you have put into it?

What now?
Time to work with yourself to create what you want in your life! Remember, the more you know about yourself and your mind, the better able you are to create what you want.

Goal setting
Positive self programming
Raising your money consciousness
Take some classes
Get a hypnosis CD/download

Hint: You can rewrite your answers (from above) to how you want to be thinking and feeling

Notes: This website is full of articles and exercises that help you to understand the Mind, achieve your goals and ‘remove’ your bocks. Have fun! Enjoy your life! Use the Light of your Spirit to bring your Highest Good to you!

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